December 04, 2008

A couple things...

About .5 seconds ago i called HOT TOPIC and asked if they had black suspenders.
I feel like when i go in there to pick them up i'm gonna have to explain myself to the cashier.
"I don't actually wear these, i'm taking a dance class..."
I felt this way when i had to buy a green sparkly bra a couple semesters ago.

THIS WEEKEND is my dance recital. I think this will be my last one. I'm actually pretty excited and hope everything goes smoothly. I'm in 4 numbers.
1- Lion King (modern)
2- Tango
3- Swing
4- Beat It (jazz) <--- black suspenders

Yesterday my ceiling fan lightbulb went out. I'm delving into my laziness and making the best of it. I decided that i'm gonna go as long as i can without replacing it. So yeah, i'm gonna be Amish (at least when i'm in my room).
Don't feel too sorry for me though, because i'm still gonna watch TV and use my laptop.
I stay up way to late so maybe.. this..will.. change that? I don't know.
Oh no.. what if i get on the suns schedule?

November 24, 2008

I realized today.

I don't even need to be rich, i just want to be able to afford all the music and rolls of film I could ever want.

(oh it's not fun being poor)

November 15, 2008

i can hear a bumping bass pounding at my wall.

It's pretty cool that on the one night that i am home alone and have a quiet house to write a paper in my neighbors chose to have a party or a quinceanera or something.

i'm probably not that great of a 20-year old though. My parents go away for the weekend and i order a pizza and watch "Raising Helen" alone.
Or am i a great one? I can't tell.

Lately i've had an interest in new pictures from old cameras. Here's one picture from my first day in this new hobby. Trust me, more to come later.

October 29, 2008

I am the Dwight Schrute of Sears.

Apparently today I restored someone's faith in customer service. straight out of her mouth.
that's probably a pretty good statement, right?

Not to brag.. but my store manager said i had the highest (protection agreement) sales in my store and our ENTIRE district.

anyway. We get to dress up on friday for halloween and i am very excited.
That's just one more way that Sears is EXACTLY like The Office. One of many.

(and yes, that does make me the Dwight Schrute of Sears).

I guess i can list a few of the reasons.
Like the office, we:
-have a party planning committee called "the fun club"
-have schrute bucks called "happy bucks"
-dress up on halloween
-have unfortunately experienced our own "indecent exposure" incident like Phyllis did... poor poor barbara.
-have a kiss-butt character like Andy named Justin who cares waaaaaaaaaay too much about sears and our manager.
-have secret office romances

i'll let you know if i can think of anymore.
oh p.s.
here is one schrute buck for reading this post.

October 24, 2008

Scissor happy.

pretty normal thursday.
dance was cancelled.
hung out with my sister in law and niece.
watched a little late night TV.
got ready for bed.
washed my face...
got bored...
thought my hair looked equally as boring...
found scissors in my bathroom drawer..
stood over my toilet and...SNIP SNIP SNIP!

I cut my bangs without looking into the mirror. 
scissors + a bored girl + 1:30 a.m. = potential bad idea.

i don't know. i think i like them so far. we'll see what i think when i am conscious  in the morning.
wish me luck.

October 17, 2008

These are a few of my (new) favorite things.

I have recently become obsessed / inspired by a few things and people.

1. Really cool pictures of new york.. and new york in general, i guess. I wish i could be there right now for this beautiful transition into fall. 
2. Kath & Kim. This is a new show on NBC. It actually just had it's pilot episode last week and i was immeditately hooked. Tonight was the second episode and funnier than ever when Kath joined a "promenade hair show" at the mall and gave her daughter, Kim, a "flying wedge" hair style. Sooo... this is my new favorite show. 

3. Fleet Foxes! I've been listening to them since about the middle of summer, but just recently fell in love. I only have about 6 songs of theirs but you better believe they are constantly repeating on my iPod. They have such beautiful folky melodies that make me sing a long and want to sit under a tree.. and really, that is all i can ask for.

4. Dancing the tangoooo. This semester in my dance class i am dancing in a couple modern, jazz, and swing pieces, but my favorite is the tango. Yes the steps are diffulcult and fast, and the lifts and landings give me bruises that have yet to heal, but i feel sooooo good dancing it. 
(performance at Victor Valley College December 5 & 6)

5. Ok, my new TV addiction is pretty much any show about making cakes. My two favorites are Ace Of Cakes (pictured below) and Amazing Wedding Cakes. Their cake creations are actually pretty ridiculous.. and i love it.
(I've also been watching a lot of interior, fashion, style, cooking, and home designs shows. Maybe i just should have taken Home Economics in school instead of watching so much TV about it now. Oh! I can't wait to have a place of my own to decorate and cook in someday!) 

6. I'm 20, and im going to vote for the first time! Not only is the first time i am eligble to vote, but it is the first time i care enough to learn about the election too. 
I'll admitt, i never thought i'd be the type of person who talked politics, especially before i turned 40, but i feel like my generation is really stepping up and i want join 'em. 

7. LEANIMAL! Oh last but not least is Leann Marshall, who just became the winner of this seasons Project Runway. She was my favorite from the first episode and i am ecstatic that she won! I stumbled across her ETSY page tonight and she is selling the cutest/sweetest passport cover and i hope i can get my hands on $32 so it can be mine!

October 13, 2008

Good things are happening.

Daniel is officially on his first tour! The tour is Phil Wickham (pictured below), Fee, and Meredith Andrews, and Daniel is in charge. I'm so exited for him. This will be first of many, i'm sure. Besides, he'd "rather be on tour." That sounds like something on a license plate frame.
Oh speaking of license plates, today i was cut off buy a little blue civic with "SBUX4ME" on the plates. Oh bother. 
Anyway.. Daniel is the man.

For the past couple (or hundred) nights i seem to start getting sleepy a little after 2 in the morning... never before. Even if i lay in the comfiest way i can't get my mind to stop spinning. I recently realized that my brain is working overtime every second of the day; I'm constantly questions things. Well, things-and-people-and-school-and-life-and-my choices. 
I came up with a solution tonight. Aromatherapy stress relief lotion. I'm gonna bathe in it tonight before bed. I hope this little experiment works in my favor. We'll see. 

My cousin is amazing. She made little Danny's first halloween costume. I never knew werewolves could look so darn cute. 
That kid is so cool. I'm obsessed. Yeah yeah, get over it.

My best friend is in Spain and loooooooving it! We got to video chat last night while she was in her schools library. Oh, by the way, whenever i say that word out loud i say "libary". You can tell me i'm wrong all you want but it won't break the habit. That "r" is gone forever. I can't help it. 
Anyway she is beautiful and so happy and i just love hearing about her foreign days. I made it my goal to make her laugh really loud since she warned me at the start of the conversation that she was in the libRary. 
Oh and yeah, that's tim gunn in the reflection. i was watching old episodes of Project Runway.

Lastly, i visited my niece tonight.  I bought her the softest little lamb stuffed animal ever created. She loved it. Well, i'm just gonna assume she did. 

Tomorrow i dance.

October 09, 2008


Yep.. The old 7-11 dude hugged me again today.
I honestly think he thinks i am someone or something else. Royalty, maybe.
As i walked into the store I heard "OH MY GOD! .... OH MY GOD!" over the "ding dong" of the door bells. I made my way to the drink aisle (as did he) and he greeted me with a hug, a pet of my hair, and a rub of my cheek.
He asked when I'd be back.. i said "not for awhile."

On a side note, i love having a lap top. I think i am going to be doing my homework outside from now on. Anyone know of any good trees to sit under?

Dinner time.

October 07, 2008

Today i sang.

I love waking up without the alarm. What a good start to my day.
I guess i didn't really do much.. but the day after a stressful homework day is always awesome.

Today a friend asked me what my favorite Joanna Newsom lyric was. I knew right away. I like various parts of her songs because the way they are sung, but these few lines of her lyrics make me sing.

"There are some mornings when the sky looks like a road,
there are some dragons who were built to have and hold,
and some machines are dropped from great heights lovingly,
and some great bellies ache with many bumblebees, 
and they sting so terribly."

I spent a few hours singing along with her today.  We're best friends. :)

I'm going down to corona tomorrow to celebrate Daniels birthday with him. I better start packing.

Oh also, shouldn't the leaves be changing soon? 

October 03, 2008


My Niece is finally here!
My family and I waited at Kaiser in fontana for over 8 hours for this precious little baby, and it was totally worth driving home at 1:30 in the morning! 
Her name is Kaydence Elizabeth Carter,and she was born October 2, 2008,  and she weighs 8.1 ounces, and she is adorable, and her cry is so girly, and Greg & Kristina are going to be awesome parents, and i can't wait to hang out with my new best friend. :)

More pictures to come, i'm sure.
Babies, babies, everywhere!

just a few pictures to go with my last post.

pictures: *liana and i baking.
*nate (lead singer of castledoor)
*liana and i outside the concert in Long Beach.
*scott & beka on their wedding day

It's fall now. I don't really want to think about summer, but let's give it some closure.

Ok, so May & June were great.. but I fell in love in July. 
His name is Danny and he is my cousins precious little baby boy. He was born on his grandma's birthday, July 7th. 
It'd hard to believe he is almost 3 months already. He just gets cuter, too. Oh and I'm pretty sure I'm his favorite. :)

PHOTO: Danny is 2 months old in this picture. 
I'm sort of his photographer.. although I act like i'm paparazzi. I can't help it!

Also, my cousin Ryan married his beautiful bride Kristen and my friend/old roommate Beka married her boo Scott in July! LOVE IS IN THE AIR!

Ok.. August. Hmm.. what happened in August?
My boyfriend, Daniel, was gone most of the time with Phil Wickham. He had 19 shows booked with him in August, alone. He's loving it and we talk whenever we can.. so, i love it too.

My best friend, Liana, came down to Victorville from Kingsburg, Ca to spend the weekend with me. We always have the best time together. We had a list of things to accomplish while she's was here; and i think we got it all done too! We went to Los Angeles for a Dr. Dog concert, ate at Red Lobster (she's never been there before, and she almost died when she ate their perfect little biscuits), baked cupcakes in really funny outfits, and saw my favorite band CASTLEDOOR in a tiny little bookstore in Long Beach called {OPEN}. 

That's pretty much it for august!

August 03, 2008

SUMMER. part one.

I've never been a summer-loving gal... but this year has played out a little differently for me.

My Dance show was during the last weekend of May and i had so much fun. I was in 5 numbers, one of which required me to be a dancing polka doll that came to life; i loved it! After the show, my closest friends and family from Kingsburg, Oak Hills, Yucca Valley, Corona, and here in Victorville followed me home from Victor Valley College for ice cream sundaes. I felt so loved and we all had a great time!
HIGHLIGHT: Opening up Philip's trunk revealing my best friend Liana curled up like a little baby! That was a mega surprise!! 
CAPTIONS: Lena & I in our doll costumes.
                       Me and my partner, Ronnie, practicing my favorite lift. 


My boyfriend, Daniel, booked a lot of gigs doing sound with a popular christian recording artists Phil Wickham. Such a huge blessing. The guys in the band are really nice and funny and he is having a great time.
The very last day of June was THE SHUMMER SO! The Shummer So is an intimate concert festival in Kingsburg, Ca that pretty much all my friends participate in. It is such a good time. 
HIGHLIGHT: It's a toss up between the debut of the hilariously talented Tuff Customers, Zoro's cover of Beirut's "Elephant Gun", and the delicious watermelon.
PICTURE: The Traveling Medicine Show up on stage.

(more to come soon...)