October 13, 2008

Good things are happening.

Daniel is officially on his first tour! The tour is Phil Wickham (pictured below), Fee, and Meredith Andrews, and Daniel is in charge. I'm so exited for him. This will be first of many, i'm sure. Besides, he'd "rather be on tour." That sounds like something on a license plate frame.
Oh speaking of license plates, today i was cut off buy a little blue civic with "SBUX4ME" on the plates. Oh bother. 
Anyway.. Daniel is the man.

For the past couple (or hundred) nights i seem to start getting sleepy a little after 2 in the morning... never before. Even if i lay in the comfiest way i can't get my mind to stop spinning. I recently realized that my brain is working overtime every second of the day; I'm constantly questions things. Well, things-and-people-and-school-and-life-and-my choices. 
I came up with a solution tonight. Aromatherapy stress relief lotion. I'm gonna bathe in it tonight before bed. I hope this little experiment works in my favor. We'll see. 

My cousin is amazing. She made little Danny's first halloween costume. I never knew werewolves could look so darn cute. 
That kid is so cool. I'm obsessed. Yeah yeah, get over it.

My best friend is in Spain and loooooooving it! We got to video chat last night while she was in her schools library. Oh, by the way, whenever i say that word out loud i say "libary". You can tell me i'm wrong all you want but it won't break the habit. That "r" is gone forever. I can't help it. 
Anyway she is beautiful and so happy and i just love hearing about her foreign days. I made it my goal to make her laugh really loud since she warned me at the start of the conversation that she was in the libRary. 
Oh and yeah, that's tim gunn in the reflection. i was watching old episodes of Project Runway.

Lastly, i visited my niece tonight.  I bought her the softest little lamb stuffed animal ever created. She loved it. Well, i'm just gonna assume she did. 

Tomorrow i dance.

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