October 07, 2008

Today i sang.

I love waking up without the alarm. What a good start to my day.
I guess i didn't really do much.. but the day after a stressful homework day is always awesome.

Today a friend asked me what my favorite Joanna Newsom lyric was. I knew right away. I like various parts of her songs because the way they are sung, but these few lines of her lyrics make me sing.

"There are some mornings when the sky looks like a road,
there are some dragons who were built to have and hold,
and some machines are dropped from great heights lovingly,
and some great bellies ache with many bumblebees, 
and they sting so terribly."

I spent a few hours singing along with her today.  We're best friends. :)

I'm going down to corona tomorrow to celebrate Daniels birthday with him. I better start packing.

Oh also, shouldn't the leaves be changing soon? 

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