October 17, 2008

These are a few of my (new) favorite things.

I have recently become obsessed / inspired by a few things and people.

1. Really cool pictures of new york.. and new york in general, i guess. I wish i could be there right now for this beautiful transition into fall. 
2. Kath & Kim. This is a new show on NBC. It actually just had it's pilot episode last week and i was immeditately hooked. Tonight was the second episode and funnier than ever when Kath joined a "promenade hair show" at the mall and gave her daughter, Kim, a "flying wedge" hair style. Sooo... this is my new favorite show. 

3. Fleet Foxes! I've been listening to them since about the middle of summer, but just recently fell in love. I only have about 6 songs of theirs but you better believe they are constantly repeating on my iPod. They have such beautiful folky melodies that make me sing a long and want to sit under a tree.. and really, that is all i can ask for.

4. Dancing the tangoooo. This semester in my dance class i am dancing in a couple modern, jazz, and swing pieces, but my favorite is the tango. Yes the steps are diffulcult and fast, and the lifts and landings give me bruises that have yet to heal, but i feel sooooo good dancing it. 
(performance at Victor Valley College December 5 & 6)

5. Ok, my new TV addiction is pretty much any show about making cakes. My two favorites are Ace Of Cakes (pictured below) and Amazing Wedding Cakes. Their cake creations are actually pretty ridiculous.. and i love it.
(I've also been watching a lot of interior, fashion, style, cooking, and home designs shows. Maybe i just should have taken Home Economics in school instead of watching so much TV about it now. Oh! I can't wait to have a place of my own to decorate and cook in someday!) 

6. I'm 20, and im going to vote for the first time! Not only is the first time i am eligble to vote, but it is the first time i care enough to learn about the election too. 
I'll admitt, i never thought i'd be the type of person who talked politics, especially before i turned 40, but i feel like my generation is really stepping up and i want join 'em. 

7. LEANIMAL! Oh last but not least is Leann Marshall, who just became the winner of this seasons Project Runway. She was my favorite from the first episode and i am ecstatic that she won! I stumbled across her ETSY page tonight and she is selling the cutest/sweetest passport cover and i hope i can get my hands on $32 so it can be mine!


Ashley said...

1.I like New York (even though I haven’t been)
2.I will like Kath & Kim (I haven’t started watching it, but I will like it)
3.I love love love Fleet Foxes
4.I love love love tango
5.I like cakes and eating cakes (especially cupcakes)
6.I like that you are voting. Go democracy.
7.I am hooked on Etsy fashion shopping

All in all, we’re 7 for 7.
Too good to be true? Maybe.

triSARAtops said...

Oh no, not "too good to be true", it's "soooo good that it's true!" :)

barrack and roll, or what?