October 03, 2008

It's fall now. I don't really want to think about summer, but let's give it some closure.

Ok, so May & June were great.. but I fell in love in July. 
His name is Danny and he is my cousins precious little baby boy. He was born on his grandma's birthday, July 7th. 
It'd hard to believe he is almost 3 months already. He just gets cuter, too. Oh and I'm pretty sure I'm his favorite. :)

PHOTO: Danny is 2 months old in this picture. 
I'm sort of his photographer.. although I act like i'm paparazzi. I can't help it!

Also, my cousin Ryan married his beautiful bride Kristen and my friend/old roommate Beka married her boo Scott in July! LOVE IS IN THE AIR!

Ok.. August. Hmm.. what happened in August?
My boyfriend, Daniel, was gone most of the time with Phil Wickham. He had 19 shows booked with him in August, alone. He's loving it and we talk whenever we can.. so, i love it too.

My best friend, Liana, came down to Victorville from Kingsburg, Ca to spend the weekend with me. We always have the best time together. We had a list of things to accomplish while she's was here; and i think we got it all done too! We went to Los Angeles for a Dr. Dog concert, ate at Red Lobster (she's never been there before, and she almost died when she ate their perfect little biscuits), baked cupcakes in really funny outfits, and saw my favorite band CASTLEDOOR in a tiny little bookstore in Long Beach called {OPEN}. 

That's pretty much it for august!

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