August 03, 2008

SUMMER. part one.

I've never been a summer-loving gal... but this year has played out a little differently for me.

My Dance show was during the last weekend of May and i had so much fun. I was in 5 numbers, one of which required me to be a dancing polka doll that came to life; i loved it! After the show, my closest friends and family from Kingsburg, Oak Hills, Yucca Valley, Corona, and here in Victorville followed me home from Victor Valley College for ice cream sundaes. I felt so loved and we all had a great time!
HIGHLIGHT: Opening up Philip's trunk revealing my best friend Liana curled up like a little baby! That was a mega surprise!! 
CAPTIONS: Lena & I in our doll costumes.
                       Me and my partner, Ronnie, practicing my favorite lift. 


My boyfriend, Daniel, booked a lot of gigs doing sound with a popular christian recording artists Phil Wickham. Such a huge blessing. The guys in the band are really nice and funny and he is having a great time.
The very last day of June was THE SHUMMER SO! The Shummer So is an intimate concert festival in Kingsburg, Ca that pretty much all my friends participate in. It is such a good time. 
HIGHLIGHT: It's a toss up between the debut of the hilariously talented Tuff Customers, Zoro's cover of Beirut's "Elephant Gun", and the delicious watermelon.
PICTURE: The Traveling Medicine Show up on stage.

(more to come soon...)

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