December 04, 2008

A couple things...

About .5 seconds ago i called HOT TOPIC and asked if they had black suspenders.
I feel like when i go in there to pick them up i'm gonna have to explain myself to the cashier.
"I don't actually wear these, i'm taking a dance class..."
I felt this way when i had to buy a green sparkly bra a couple semesters ago.

THIS WEEKEND is my dance recital. I think this will be my last one. I'm actually pretty excited and hope everything goes smoothly. I'm in 4 numbers.
1- Lion King (modern)
2- Tango
3- Swing
4- Beat It (jazz) <--- black suspenders

Yesterday my ceiling fan lightbulb went out. I'm delving into my laziness and making the best of it. I decided that i'm gonna go as long as i can without replacing it. So yeah, i'm gonna be Amish (at least when i'm in my room).
Don't feel too sorry for me though, because i'm still gonna watch TV and use my laptop.
I stay up way to late so maybe.. this..will.. change that? I don't know.
Oh no.. what if i get on the suns schedule?


Ashley said...

don't be amish!
hop in your car and come visit me.
I have no money, so we can do fun free things around Kingsburg.
I have a couch calling your name :)

lookatmeblog said...

I will change your lightbulb!

AuroraMckeehan said...

Oh man, I just LOVE this one. Brings back memories.