November 18, 2009

living, loving, and learning.

I've been making a lot of mistakes lately, but i've also found a whole lot of good stuff in the process (and aftermath).

I sort of ruined a relationship,
but helped 3 people question life, love, and loyalty. And i don't regret that.

I'm only taking two classes this semester and one of them is a dance class,
but I just applied to Cal State Los Angeles for the fall of 2010. crossing my fingers.

I almost ruined my friendship with an amazing person,
but ended up bonding closer and deeper to her than ever instead.

I've put so many miles on my car and so much money in my gas tank,
but i've driven all over california to visit my best friends and make happy days.

I'm living my life in the mind set of "trial & error" and that may not be the best idea... but, i guess i'll just have to find out.
In the meantime, i'm trying to be the best friend i can be, love deeper than ever, dance hard, create, and photograph everything i can in this little life of mine.
I'm so thankful for living, loving, and learning.

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