June 28, 2009

okay, here i am.

i decided i'll do this once more.
or however many more times i find interesting enough stuff to write about.

I wish someone would write a song about changes so i could listen to it and relate all day long. oh wait..
okay.. so i get it.. everyone goes through this. still hurts though.
anyway. we won't talk about that.

so, once i stopped crying, my week ended pretty interestingly.
thursday i was summoned to JURY DUTY for the first time in my life. i actually didn't mind because i was new to the whole thing, and it really made me feel like i was a part of my country. i don't know. maybe that is weird. anyway. i went. I'm a total people watcher so it ended up being pretty fun for me. there was an old lady in the jury assembly room trying to sound young on the phone and told the person on the other line she was "cooling" and then corrected herself and said "chilling". it was so cute and funny to me.
well the judge told us that the trial was supposed to last two months and i knew that the fun would end after today, even for me, so i quickly came up with an excuse to get out of there. and it worked. DISMISSED. phew!
on my way home (it was a 35 mile drive from the court to home) i called my mom and told her that the day was too young and beautiful to waste, so i got home, put my suit on, and headed to the beach with my mother and step-sister. girls day!

picture: yes, that is my juice box chillin on my sandal. so what?

picture: amanda, mom, me. self timed parking lot pic.

friday i woke up with my mom yelling my new puppies name because she thought he was missing. we searched the house and the neighborhood and when we returned home he was waiting for us. what a little stinker.
then i started crying over that previously mentioned "change" in my life for a bit.. finally told my mom about it.. got a little advice from a dear sweet friend.. and felt at peace with everything. again, phew.
i wiped my tears away and went to work. about an hour into my shift i pretty much slam/kick/whatever a swinging door in my face and give myself a pretty little bruise/bump/knot/cut on my left eyebrow. well, no one felt any sympathy for the growing welt on my head and they just made me fill out an injury report. the manager in charge of the whole situation was a totall d-bag and told me it was my fault and that i was walking wrong. WALKING WRONG!? i probably got a little sassy to him.. but us women need to stick up for ourselves!

picture: my eye the day after. it doesn't look swollen in the picture.. and the bruise is in the shape of my usual eye shadow, so i guess it doesn't seem like that big of a deal. but, trust me, the morning eye rubs sure do hurt.

oh and i lost my keys that day too. that's kind of a sucky day.. but it never felt TOO awful. i guess thats the plus of heart ache.. everything else doesn't seem so bad. ha..

this coming week:
sunday (today) - went to work. then to brians going away party. (i've known the punk for 6 years and worked with him for almost 3 and now he is moving to santa monica. so happy for him!)
me and tony. work buddy.

brian drinking his "good bye beer"

patty (aka patrick the 18 year old), me, brian. my boooooyz.

c'mon! no pictures.

bye brian. gonna miss you!

monday: work. and now i'm missing castledoor's last residency show at the spaceland in LA. whaa.
tuesday: 2nd paid photo shoot somewhere in rancho or balboa.
wednesday: working. yoga.
thursday: work or maybe seeing a taping of So You Think You Can Dance.
friday: working. finish Breaking Dawn perhaps?
saturday: shooting my little nephews 1st birthday pictures at the beach! theme: pirates. a 1 year old pirate. i can't wait. aaannd then maybe some fireworks.

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