April 20, 2009

i went to that one place... and loved it

i spent the last couple of days in sandy eggo and looooooved it.
a few months back i made the decision to move there and after this last visit i am ready ready ready.

we found these adorable PURPLE apartments right in downtown and we are crossing our fingers about them! and the best part (besides that they are super cute) is that there is an organic fruit and flower market a block or two down.

i can see my life there already.

alsooo, aurora took me to some amazing little spots and i'm just so happy about them!

first: sunset cliff

second: balboa park
this place is wonderful. seaworld at one end, the natural history museum at the other, and plenty of gardens, museums, fountains, and ponds in between.

third: point loma
can you believe this view? i can't. 2nd best skyline. ever. i'm saying it.

i'm beyond excited to live there and make it my city.
july 1, you'll be here soon enough.
i love you, san diego.


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